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l’oreal Careers 2022 For Processor

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Job Description:

To weigh and mix components (raw materials) according to manufacturing procedure efficiently and safely within the established quality and production standards.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Obtain samples of solutions throughout the process to be analyzed for color, viscosity, pH balance, and gravity;
  • Retrieve supplies from warehouse/storage area;
  • Activate mixing tank agitators and set timers to mix ingredients for a specific period of time;
  • Open valves and pump finished formulas into storage tanks/drums or one-handled buckets;
  • Operate milling machine when directed by the manufacturing procedure;
  • Maintain knowledge and practice of Quality and Safety Policies, Line Manual Book Procedures, Good Manufacturing Procedures, and Reject
  • Percent (refer to specific department duties);
  • Open valves to start pumps to transfer specified amounts and types of liquids from storage tanks into mixing tanks;
  • Practice teamwork, relieve others for breaks/lunches, and assist others as time permits;
  • Be able to track downtime, waiting time and breakdown time correctly and remain productive during these times.
  • Maintain cordial, professional relationship with supervisor and co-workers;
  • Observe gauge readings on mixing tanks and adjust temperature and flow meter controls when readings vary from established norms;
  • Complete paperwork and minimal computer work;
  • Weigh raw materials according to the formula, using the Flexnet system;
  • Mix ingredients, according to formula;

Job Requirements:

  • Ensure a high standard of quality and follow all quality and GMP procedures;
  • Do the physical demands required for the job (lifting, moving, etc.) using safe ergonomic techniques;
  • Work independently and as a team member, make decisions, and use adequate organizational and time management skills;
  • Maintain a safe work environment and follow all safety procedures;
  • Work flexible hours/shifts, including overtime;
  • Must thrive within a changing organization.
  • Perform mathematical calculations;
  • Efficiently produce quality cosmetics in the right quality at the right time for L’Oreal USA customers.
  • Read, understand, follow, and document the specific instructions listed on the manufacturing procedure;
  • Must act as a responsible citizen in our company and community.
  • Communicate well with other employees and supervisors;
  • Must selflessly develop others.
  • Have visual/auditory acuity required to read weights on product labels and hear warning alarms;
  • Have working knowledge of the production process, items produced, and equipment utilized in maintaining production/processing within specific industrial norms and standards;
  • Plan in advance for a “change over” and coordinate services with the next shift to efficiently minimize downtime;
  • Demonstrate good attendance.
  • Must create and provide an environment in which employees can work safely and thrive.
  • Must produce World Class Results through teamwork.
  • Work well as a team member;

Job Details:

Company: Loreal

Vacancy Type: Full Time

Job Functions: Marketing

Job Location: North Little Rock, AR, US

Application Deadline: N/A

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