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Market Development Manager – Ace Hardware Job Application

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Job Description:

The primary purpose of the Market Development Manager (MDM) – New Investors / New Franchisees is to manage the business development process across the country. The goal is to attract and recruit New Investors and systematically increase Ace’s market share via our new store growth strategy.

a) Recruit, educate, and motivate potential candidates. This includes sales, the development of a business plan and consulting with New Investors. It is the ability and accountability to determine when to say ‘yes’ and (equally important) when to say ‘no’. The MDM-New Investor is the front-line accountability on determining prospect business acumen, character, competence, and financial wherewithal, and finalizing and/or closing the opportunity.
b) Execute the technical operating procedures from Interest-to-Application. As the expert in the field, they are responsible for everything from demographic work, trade potential, sales forecasting, site audit, and the expansion area notification process, creating the proforma and securing approval from all stakeholders, executing the letter of intent (LOI), assisting with securing financing, and completion of the Ace membership application following the Standard Operating Procedures.
c) This position is required to pursue every opportunity in a market as it relates to potential candidates, open markets, real estate site possibilities, lender relationships, broker relationships and public relations. The MDM-New Investor is the lead on creating momentum in a market through the combination of their market diligence and their Ace advocacy with these various stakeholders.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Closing the sale: Navigate the technically complicated process of closing $1 Million (on average) opportunities, while at the same time coordinating the real estate process ~ either through real estate development/ownership or lease negotiations. This might require obtaining personal guarantees from the prospect to secure financing.
  • Develop and manage the grocery pipeline. Identify open markets with appropriate sales potential and find sites across the country. Negotiate optimal terms and coordinate with the qualified profiled candidates to move forward with new store opportunities. Do all this within a feasible economic framework.
  • Develop credible relationships with lenders, business and real estate brokers to foster growth and excitement in the market in an efficient manner for retailers & prospects looking to expand and grow their business.
  • Educate, consult and motivate New Investors prospects on Ace new store opportunities. This process is primarily driven by the MDM-New Investor’s ability to outline the opportunity while still balancing the capitalization cost structure, equity requirements, and assuring that debt and financial ratios are adequate for each stakeholder in the lending and approval process.
  • Execute a systematic approach to the new store development process in the field in order to mitigate legal and business risk and ensure new store viability following the Standard Operating Procedures. This would include market work, site selection, creating a proforma with the approval of all stakeholders, while representing Ace in a business-like manner with consistency and excellence.

Job Requirements:

  • Ability to create strong, respected coalitions with Retail Operations including the Director, Regional Manager, Project Manager, and District Manager
  • Ability to develop, secure, and close a new store opportunity
  • At least 5 years experience in retailing, franchising, real estate or market development work
  • Business Acumen – understand the economics of business and retailing
  • College Degree – Business or equivalent experience
  • Franchise intelligence – understanding of our “franchise” competitors and how to uniquely position Ace against these other investment choices
  • Interpersonal ability to create trust, respect and understanding
  • Strong grasp of capitalization and financing opportunities, methods and processes
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Strong presentation skills to a variety of ‘audiences’ ~ including wealthy investors, real estate brokers, lenders and existing Ace retailers
  • Understanding of the balance between the benefit of store density and cannibalization and the resultant ramifications of these on the Ace brand
  • Understanding of the lease negotiation process

Job Details:

Company: Ace Hardware Corporation

Vacancy Type: Full Time

Job Functions: Marketing

Job Location: Oak Brook, IL, USA

Application Deadline: N/A

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